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Our process is simple; Our product is powerful.
Lystloc started out as an in-house application to solve our on field communication and productivity challenges. We are a distributed team, having our presence in India, USA, Europe and Singapore.
Our CEO, Bharath Annamalai is based out of the USA and our engineering, marketing and sales teams are based out of Chennai India. He needed to know on-field activities like real time workforce location, customer meeting notes and task completion without having to make back and forth calls. The managers in our teams also needed data to make real time decisions.
We built a fully functional mobile app in a short period of time. It worked wonders for us in solving the challenges we faced! It was then a natural progression to build the solution as an enterprise grade solution for organizations like us. Over the years we have made our app increasingly user friendly and added many more features listening to our customers.
As a technology company we had to build this solution with cutting edge technologies for speed, scalability, security and affordability. Now, Lystloc enables organizations to increase their productivity and sales, avoid assumptions and make educated decisions.
lystLoc about us

Our Company

We are a SaaS based product company providing real-time location intelligence and analytics platform.

Who we are

Our vision and mission is to solve the world’s location related problems by providing the real time location based information.

What we Value

We care for Compassion, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Fail fast and Bias for action.

Our Pledge

We are a customer obsessed team. We provide world class end to end support to all our customers in every step of the journey with us!

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