Recognize Faces with Lystface API
Elevate your platform’s capabilities using our precision facial recognition API. Seamlessly integrate Lystface API for swift and secure user verification - experiencing the power of seamless identification, efficiency and reliability.
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Lystface API Features
Our features are simple, powerful and an easy fit to any platform to increase the organization’s productivity.
Face Identification
Pinpoint different faces to know who is who. Ex: Who is this?
Face Verification
To find and confirm whose face it is in the picture. Ex: Is this Divya?
Face Match
To compare and verify the human faces are the same from two input images.
Why Lystface API?
With the Lystface API, build the accurate face recognistion system that detects and verifies faces, saving time and resources.
Precise Facial Recognition
Immerse your platform in the world of precise facial identification technology.
Real-Time Efficiency
Elevate user experiences with swift, real-time face verification.
Seamless Integration
Seamlessly integrate Lystface API into your ecosystem for enhanced security and convenience.
More to Discover
Easily integrate the Lystface API into any platform for seamless facial identification attendance in under two minutes.
Touchless Attendance System
- “Just smile to mark your attendance”
Empower your business growth with our top-tier face recognition API. Integrate Lystface API seamlessly with your existing platforms, whether it's a biometric system or an app, making setup a breeze.
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No Age Bar - Lystface Identifies your Face
- “Shift into the modern way of face recognition system”
Our advanced face recognition attendance API automatically detects and verifies faces without any age limit, making attendance management a breeze. With Lystface API, you'll have more time to focus on what matters - growing your business.
Automatic Data Insights
An exceptional attendance API source has emerged as a successful software in the attendance field. Lystface API  has made a significant play in automating attendance systems based on face recognition and recording data insights with zero error.
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Boon for Employees
- “Start your day with a smile - you made today’s attendance”
Employees can check in and check-out seamlessly, eliminating the need for complex procedures. This not only benefits employers but also enhances the overall experience for employees. No need to worry about your attendance marking when Lystface API is in your organization.
Lystface App
Maximize your productivity using the Lystface App. Improve your facial attendance system effortlessly—skip the platform development; our pre-built mobile app is at your service, guaranteeing smooth employee attendance tracking by location with effortless integration into payroll systems.
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API for Everyone
Automated Attendance Systems
Security and Access Control
Financial Services
Education and Campus Security
Healthcare Identity Verification
Automated Attendance Systems
Revolutionize attendance tracking in corporate settings, educational institutions, or events. Lystface API can automate the attendance process, providing accurate and efficient record-keeping.
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Take a demo of our face recognition and verification API and upload your sample images to see our API response.
Deepika padukone
Brad & Bradley
Natalie Dormer & Katheryn winnick
Robert Downey Jr
Taylor Swift
How it Works?
This facial recognition solution, Lystface API, is exceptionally developer-friendly. Setting up an account for your organization, regardless of its size, is a swift and simple process. With the industry's distinctive sign-up procedure, gain access to 360 degrees of real-time facial recognition intelligence and analytics in under two minutes.
Account Setup
Sign up to our free trial in less than a minute.
Embed Our API
Integrate Lystface API effortlessly into your platform.
Real-Time Scanning
Witness faces being scanned in real-time with accuracy.
Instant Verification
Experience precise verification at your fingertips.
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Get Started Now!
Revolutionize with Lystface API's advanced capabilities, including facial recognition for precise attendance, identity verification, secured access systems, and automated data insights. Experience a new era of seamless operations with Lystface API.
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An Architecture Built for The Cloud
Our software is built on modern cloud computing principles enabling our customers to get real-time insights anytime anywhere. You can scale from one employee to tens of thousands of employees seamlessly.

Our application and data are secured with AWS encryption data in rest and data in motion. We provide sub-second speed data retrieval performance in our app.
  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Security
Recognize faces your way, our API!
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